Stormwater Management System Inspection

Maintaining and inspecting stormwater infrastructure is vital to preventing flood risks to facilities, downstream properties, and the environment. Knowing when a system is in need of maintenance or repair is the key to preventing costly damage caused by neglected stormwater management system components. Our staff of knowledgeable inspectors and professionals have the experience necessary to identify routine maintenance issues to prevent potentially major system faults. Our firm has the right equipment available to mitigate any problem affecting your existing system.

In order to demonstrate compliance with the NJDEP Permit, municipalities are obligated to make annual submissions to the Department. The inspections and reports completed by SCS are designed to satisfy the reporting requirements of the DEP. The DEP Stormwater regulations require that the operators of Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s) prepare and maintain Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SPPP) and Stormwater Management Plans (SWM). SCS can prepare, maintain and update these plans as well as complete the required mitigation plans, build out analyses and other required elements of the plans. These include the identification and tracking of illicit connections, roadside erosion control, employee education, and public awareness programs.

The annual inspection and maintenance of stormwater inlets and outfalls requires accurate record keeping. SCS completes this task by using GPS based mapping systems to inventory the inlets and assign unique identifiers to each structure. A detailed inspection is completed of each inlet and minor cleaning is completed as part of the normal annual inspection. If repairs and/or higher level cleaning is required, the work is completed based on a pre-established menu of services.

Stormwater outfalls from MS4s are located using GPS systems and inspected for scouring at the discharge point. The outfalls are also documented photographically to establish a baseline for future inspections and to judge the degree by which conditions change over time.

In addition to maintaining mechanical water quality devices and other structural BMPs, it is important to identify and mitigate sources of non-point source pollution. SCS will be an ongoing partner with you in identifying, controlling and mitigating non-point source pollution.

Our vacuum truck is available to perform quick and efficient restoration to all types of stormwater management system structures.