Vehicle Wash System

Stormwater Compliance Solutions, LLC has developed a vehicle wash water recovery system to meet the NJDEP regulations for the elimination of the discharge to the municipal separate stormwater sewer system (MS4). SCS designs and installs this system which can fit at almost any public works maintenance facility. This system utilizes a concrete pad, oil/solids separator, holding tank, initial treatment through a catch basin filter and an alternator valve to divert stormwater to the MS4 when not being used to wash vehicles.

The unique structure of our company allows us to both design and construct this system for a price lower than most competitors. The system is designed specifically for your application. Our firm manages and completes the construction of the system through our own construction division.

In many cases, the entire design and installation of the system is lower than the New Jersey public bid threshold. This allows us to complete the project by keeping the price substantially lower than is usually the case for separate design and construct contracts.